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Newsletter in English

[11.09.2019] Events 2nd half of September NEWSLETTER SPEINSHART MONASTERY
- Concert for the Chinese Moon Festival
- FARM NEAR: pictures of Gabriele Stolz
- Anniversary concert: 25 years Bavarian Brass
- Lecture: Robber Captain Troglauer
- Meditative Dance: Power and Healing Songs
- Sculptor Group ExponaRt: Sculptures & Reliefs
- Scarlatti fever: British harpsichordist in Oberbibrach    
Concert for the Chinese Moon Festival
Autumn greetings from China  
SAT | 14.09.19 | 1700 hrs. | Monastery Church
On Saturday, 14 September at 1700 hrs., the Philharmonic Choir Qingdao (China) will give a concert on the occasion of the Chinese Moon Festival in Speinshart. The 40 singers from the Middle Kingdom are accompanied by the East Bavarian Youth Orchestra OJO.  
>>> Admission for donation at the exit
>>> Followed by an encounter in the cloister
Exhibition opening
Pictures by Gabriele Stolz in the convent hallway
SUN | 15.09.19 | 1100 hrs. | UPPER CONVENT HALLWAY
FAR – NEAR the exhibition is called through 3 November with works by Gabriele Stolz. The collages are based on architectural or technical blueprints. Anyone who gets involved with the pictures discovers exciting details, links and connections.  
>>> Admission Free. Donations requested.
25 years of Bavarian Brass
Anniversary concert
SUN | 15.09.19 | 1600 hrs. | INNER COURTYARD
The longtime existence of the ensemble and its loyal connection with Speinshart is celebrated with an additional concert in pleasant temperatures and the best atmosphere in the open air. On this occasion, all three organists with whom Bavarian Brass performs will be there.
>>> Admission for donations at the exit
>>> Followed by an encounter in the courtyard / cloister
Robber Captain of the Upper Palatinate
Lecture by Bernhard Weigl
FRI | 20.09.19 | 1900 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
Hometown - historical lecture about a largely forgotten personality of the Upper Palatinate. Bernhard Weigl tells exciting stories about Robber Captain Franz Troglauer from Mantel.
>>> Admission free. Donations requested.
Meditative Dance
Powerful and Healing Songs
TUE | 24.09.19 | 1930 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
The lead for the evening is Andrea Kick from Kemnath, who regularly offers meditative dance evenings in the Speinshart Monastery. This time, the dances are inspired by songs that are meant to strengthen one's inner powers.
>>> Participation fee 8, - Euro
>>> No registration required
Sculptor group from the Erzgebirge
Sculptures and reliefs made of wood
SUN | 29.09.19 | 1100 hrs. | INFO POINT
Ten dedicated wood sculptors and wood designers have set themselves to the task of further developing woodcarving art artistically and experimentally. A selection of their works can be seen in Speinshart through 17 November.
>>> Admission free. Donations requested.
Medea Bindewald on the harpsichord
Scarlatti fever in Oberbibrach
SUN | 29.09.19 | 1600 hrs. | CHURCH IN OBERBIBRACH
A whopping 555 sonatas for keyboard instruments have been handed down by Domenico Scarlatti. Medea Bindewald plays a selection of these sonatas and presentts works by Scarlatti's contemporaries Carlos Seixas, Padre Antonio Soler and Thomas Roseingrave.
>>> Admission for donation at the exit

(Translated by James P. Federline)