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Newsletter in English

[10.05.2019] Events 2nd half of May NEWSLETTER SPEINSHART MONASTERY

- Sandra Brökel: novel based on a true story
- Book presentation: Bernd Posselt explains Europe
- Exhibition: Contemplation - Silent Talks
- Trio Matar: Concert in the monastery church - Rilke evening: literary-musical encounter
- Lecture on the exhibition: Christa von der Schulenburg
- Concert in the monastery church: Singing for Mary

Novel for a true story
The Hungry Crocodile
WED | 15.05.19 | 1900 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
The writing therapist and writer Sandra Brökel presents her novel "The Hungry Crocodile". The family novel is about the courage to resist and the greatness of being able to trust and forgive.
No place cards required. Free admission. Donations requested.

Book Presentation
Bernd Posselt explains Europe
FRI | 17.05.19 | 1900 hrs.| MUSIC ROOM

Bernd Posselt, an experienced European politician and journalist, explains Europe - historical, cultural, religious, culinary and political. He dives deep into the history of Europe, talks about formative personalities of the European unification and presents drafts for the future of the EU.
No place cards required. Free admission. Donations requested.

Exhibition Opening with Dance Performance Contemplation - Silent talks
SUN | 19.05.19 | 1100 hrs. | IN FRONT OF THE WIESKAPELLE
Exhibition with sculptures by the renowned Czech artist Aleš Hnízdil. Throughout the summer, filigree work in metal will characterize the courtyard, which at the same time radiates playful movement and meditative calm. Separate invitation attached!
>>> regularly open until 10.10.19 on Sundays and public holidays (13:30 - 17:00)
>>> Visits can be arranged under 09645/601 93 601

Trio Matar in the Monastery Church
Melodies of Christian cultures
SUN | 19.05.19 | 1900 hrs. | Monastery Church
The trio Matar - Marcus Rust (trumpet), Christian Grosch (organ) and Demian Kappenstein (percussion) - are inspired by traditional Christian melodies of different cultures. The result is soundscapes between jazz and world music.
Admission free – Donations requested.

Literary-musical encounter
Rainer Maria Rilke
THU | 23.05.19 | 1900 hrs.| MUSIC ROOM

The actor Hilmar Berndt as well as Hannah Irmler (vocals) and Reinhard Maier (piano) create a musical-literary encounter with Rainer Maria Rilke, who was born in Prague in 1875. Nadine Hoffmann (Theater Trier) will be leading the evening.
>>> Place cards required!
>>> Reservation under 09645/601 93 601 or

Lecture on the Exhibition
Christa von der Schulenburg
SUN | 26.05.19 | 11:00 | CLOISTER HALLWAY
Nicole Richwald gives a lecture on religious motives in the works of Christa von der Schulenburg, who spent many years of her life in Wolframshof near Kemnath. The lecture deepens an exhibition that can be seen until 30 June in the western cloister of the monastery.
Admission free – Donations requested.

Concert in the Monastery Church
Singing for Mary
SUN | 26.05.19 | 1900 hrs.| Monastery Church
The St. Thomas Choir Trockau designs a musical praise to Mary in the Speinshart Monastery Church. Works by Max Reger, Ignaz Reimann, Bonifaz Stöckl OSB, Ludwig Rotter, Joseph Eybler and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will be heard.
Admission free – Donations requested.

(Translated by James P. Federline)